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Service:Constellations change

Constellations are held on Wednesday evenings starting at 7PM

Family Constellation work is an immensely powerful and healing form of soul work. When you attend an evening, you will experience:

·       Insight and understanding of the real dynamics at play in a system. Who is being loyal to whom? Who might have been excluded? What elements are impacting the system and how is that affecting lives?

·       Re-solution of inappropriate loyalty. Once the mystery has been, at least a little, revealed, and the facilitator has some insight into who or what is going on beneath the surface, representatives will be asked to speak statements that acknowledge the facts of the dynamics that are already happening. These statements are sometimes difficult for our socialized selves to accept, but once the facts have been stated the air begins to clear, the pressure goes out of the system, and the entanglements begin to unravel.

·       Massive and multi-dimensional healing for the family soul. When excluded members or aspects of the system have been identified and re-included and when people have accepted their place in the system, taken their rightful responsibilities, and given up the things they have held on to that are not theirs, the orders of love and belonging in the system shift to a strong and supportive place, and the system undergoes a powerful regeneration.

Please note: There is important information for Carl to know before he does a person’s constellation. If you have not had a private session in the past 12-months, please schedule a session prior to your constellation.


**Cancellation policy is $450 for less than 72 hours’ notice of cancellation

Carl Buchheit: Carl Buchheit PhD
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